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Italian Hats, Alberobello, Apulia by Richard Taylor
Italian Hats, Alberobello FCR-495508 by Richard Taylor

My4Corners: Richard Taylor

There's a common misconception that travel photos are just there, waiting to be captured time and again when the best travel photography is actually the product of research, creative forethought and timing, as we can see in this lovely moment from an Apulian summer.

At the heel of Italy's elegant boot, Alberobello in Apulia is famed for the region's unique trullo architecture. In this delightful shot, Richard Taylor tastefully contrasts rugged rural charm with urban elegance: the roofline of the row of rustic trulli resonates with the curve of the young lady's oversize sunhat. 4Corners photographer Richard Taylor takes up the story:

"This image was born of stubbornness, or maybe patience. I'd set the camera up on the tripod early in the morning, and composed for a nice enough shot along the row of traditional houses, but my view needed life. The day was already very hot and few people stirred. Other than cicadas, it was getting hotter and quieter, but I determined to wait for something more. I was focussed down the road, willing someone to come into frame and was surprised by the elegantly dressed pair that appeared as if from nowhere to stand in front of my camera; I don't think they even noticed me. I captured just a couple of frames before they turned back and were gone. It's not exactly the composition I'd initially imagined but I'm very pleased with it..."

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