Dartmoor National Park

images of Autumn in Devon by Suzy Bennett

4Corners contributor Suzy Bennett just received the award for Best UK & Ireland Tourism Project from the British Guild of Travel Writers in recognition of her project The Dartmoor Artisan Trail, a self-guided art, craft and food trail that links Dartmoor's finest artists and craftspeople, and allows the public a glimpse behind the workshop walls and to try their hand at traditional skills.

What began as an exhibition of local artisans' portraits evolved into something more vital than a photographic record as Suzy travelled from workshop to studio to workshop around the moor; it became a Dartmoor-wide trail to showcase hands-on skill and artistry in action and flourishing. Her self-guided trail links the most varied and interesting artisans from blacksmiths to beekeepers, painters to potters, woodturners, weavers and many more.

The project has featured in The Guardian Travel, Lonely Planet Magazine and The Daily Telegraph, who named it one of the UK's best travel experiences of 2017. In August 2017, it featured on the BBC's Countryfile.

"This project is a celebration of Dartmoor’s rich creative heritage. There is a resurgence of interest in traditional skills and crafts across the UK, and Dartmoor is one of the creative hubs of this new energy. In a world of mass production, it’s wonderful to see that things are still being made by hand, with passion, honesty and integrity".

— Suzy Bennett, founder of The Dartmoor Artisan Trail

Here, 4Corners presents a selection of Suzy Bennett's scenic images of Dartmoor, but she's also travelled widely to India and the Far East. Her destination images are timeless, but her portraits from home and abroad stand out; each has a special warmth and intimacy that transports us instantly to the moment.

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