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Register and Sign In

By registering, our whole site becomes accessible to you, Lightbox, Cart and Purchases section. To register, you need to supply a username and password, your email address and a little more information about you and your company. Throughout our site, required fields have an (*) to the left. The username and password should be a single word of at least 8 characters in length. Once registered, you will be able to use your username and password to sign in to the site. To purchase and download images online, you need to supply billing information.
Your username and password are linked to your billing information, so please do not share it with anyone.

Image Search

To see 4Corners´ images, type a keyword into the search box which you can find on the Home Page or on the Search Results page. When your search results are displayed you can "search within results" to further narrow down your search results: For example a search for Croatia can be subsequently refined with the term "NOT beach".
You can also "FIND SIMILAR IMAGES" from the Image Details page. To see Image Details, click the INFO button beneath the image thumbnail when viewing search results. Once you´ve selected your keywords or combination of keywords on the image info pop-up, click search to see a new result with images that contain your selected keywords.


Our keywords describe the image as accurately and comprehensively as possible in three different categories: Subject description, Geographic location and Special Interest.
Additional information about the image is provided in the image caption.
The search results page displays geographic location and special interest keywords on the left. This function allows you to search for certain subjects in different geographic locations without returning to the search box.
Each image has a keyword describing its orientation. A search for HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL or PANORAMIC will return all images with the requested orientation.
Keywords are not case sensitive.

Image Details

All images on 4Corners website have unique identifying numbers. The Search Results page displays thumbnail previews of images that match your search criteria. Clicking on the Info button (below image thumbnail) will display the Image Details page, where you'll find a complete caption for the image, release information, any usage restrictions for the image and other information about the selected image.

Lightboxes - How to use them

A Lightbox is a virtual table where you can collect and view images of interest. To add an image to the Lightbox click on the "Add to Lightbox" button under each image. To open and view your selection, click the Lightbox link on the top navigation bar. You can have more than one lightbox if you're working on different projects.
You can email a Lightbox to friends and colleagues for review and discussion before purchase. They will receive an email with a link to the Lightbox that you created. They will be able to duplicate the lightbox and edit the duplicated lightbox as well as purchase the images directly.

Cart and Pricing

You can add images to your Cart from the Search Results page or the Lightbox (you have to be logged in to see the lightbox and the cart). To see your current shopping cart click on the Cart link on the top navigation bar. To calculate the price for image license you need to describe the full usage details, including print size, distribution and print run. The license fee is calculated from the information you provide in the cart page.
You may only use rights managed image (RM) for the exact use stated on the copyright license: Please read the Order Details carefully before proceeding. Any usage other than the one you describe here is in violation of copyright law; your choices in this page determine the terms of your license. Please find explanations for each of the drop-down menus in the usage descriptions given below:

    Usage: How you will be using the image. For example magazine editorial, Book or Advertising.
    Size (and placement): Specify if the images will appear on the cover or inside and the size the image will appear in relation to your page layout.
    Print run: Total number of copies that will be printed or circulation of the newspaper or magazine in which the image will appear.
    Duration: How long your product will be in circulation or online.
    Distribution: The geographical region in which your product will be distributed. For example one country or worldwide.
    Product Industry: The industry of the product or service you are going to promote using the image. This field is required for us to provide rights control of our licensed images.

We have calculated prices for the most common types of image use, but if you do not find the usage you need, please contact us. LICENSES ARE NOT EXCLUSIVES. If you need exclusive rights please contact us before proceeding with download.

Purchase and Security

Please verify your Order information carefully, and (if all is correct), click on 'Proceed with order' to go to our online payment system.
Please note that your credit card details are not stored by 4Corners: you are providing information directly to the Bank system.
4Corners will never receive information about your credit card, but only about your payment. Please see WorldPay's help page ( for more details on online payments security.
Once your payment is processed you can return to 4Corners Images website by clicking on the provided link and download your images from the Purchases section.
If you prefer to purchase images without using a credit card, (such as bank transfer), please search the images you need and contact us.

Refund policy

You have seven (7) days, from the original purchase date to cancel the reproduction license and to obtain a full refund. After 7+1 days there is no refund and the purchase is considered final. Please contact us before purchase if you have any questions.

Image specifications for download

4Corners' Photographers' film originals are shot in medium and large format (6x6 cm, 4x5 inch and 6x17 cm). All images are professionally scanned with Heidelberg scanner and are compressed as high-quality JPEG for download.

Digital file specifications:
    LARGE SIZE FILE Uncompressed image size 55-80 MB - Resolution 300dpi - Format RGB JPG - Download size 4-12 MB - Suggested repro sizes A3+ size and lower (17x12 inch or 42x30 cm)

    Uncompressed image size 15-20 MB - Resolution 300dpi - Format RGB JPG - Download size 500K-2 MB - Suggested repro size A5 size and lower (8x6 inch or 21x15 cm).

All values are approximate.


Use the thumbnail images for page layouts and visualisations for your client before purchase. After online purchase you will be able to download un-watermarked high-resolution images.
All images are compressed as high-quality JPEG for download.
Choose the file size you need to download and click on the link underneath the image. Save the image in the destination where you want to store the image file.

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