Surfing Indonesia by Konstantin Trubavin

Famed for having a temple on nearly every corner and mystical religious traditions, the Island of Bali has always been an intriguing and exotic long haul destination for wealthy northern Europeans. Young Australians have also been coming to Bali to let their hair down for years, and on discovering amazing waves almost all year round, it was natural for surfing to take hold here. But it’s not just Australians that are drawn to Bali’s surf: The paradise island of Bali also draws an international crowd of fit young things from all over the world. 4Corners’ Russian contributor Konstantin Trubavin finds the surfing community a truly multicultural affair. Living in Bali since 2010, he tells us there are expats from the USA, from Brazil, Japan and his native Russia. People from all over the world are making Bali home, drawn there by the waves. Although not a surfer himself, Konstantin has immersed himself in the surfers’ lifestyle, and surfing is central to his photography. He knows many of the best surf beaches in Bali, from the well known to the jealously guarded secret breaks only visited by those in the know. His favourites are Uluwatu, Kuta, Keramas, Padang Padang and Canggu. As Bali’s reputation as a surf destination grows, the better known lineups become increasingly crowded and now the most dedicated surfers are starting to explore the lesser known surf spots at neighbouring islands of Java, Lombok and Sumbawa, and the untouched nature of the neighbouring islands also makes them very attractive to travel photographers.

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